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September 2010 recording sessionCD's

"Le Phénix," 18th-Century French Music for Bassoon

I am pleased to present my first solo CD which was released in November of 2013. Including works by Boismortier, Corrette, and Devienne, the disc features (beside yours truly of course) John Gibbons on harpsichord and Suzanne Nelsen on bassoon, who are joined on the title tracks by my other Boston Symphony Orchestra bassoon colleagues, Richard Ranti and Gregg Henegar. Engineered and edited by Brad Michel, this disc presents some of the most delightful and charming music ever composed for the bassoon.

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Michael Gandolfi's Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra

My friend, the wonderful Cambridge, MA based composer Michael Gandolfi wrote this concerto, commissioned by Yoichi Udagawa and the Melrose Symphony Orchestra, for me in 2007. I love this piece! Gil Rose and the Boston Modern Orchestra Project recorded it with me a few months after the premiere and include it on a disc of Michael Gandolfi concertos, one each for bass trombone, alto saxophone, and bassoon, titled "Michael Gandolfi: From the Institutes of Groove." To learn more about this CD, CLICK HERE. If you'd like to hear a live performance of this work, you can find a video recording from the 2011 International Double Reed Society Conference HERE.

The Boston Symphony Chamber Players

Made up of ten principal players of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and regularly augmented by others in the orchestra, the Boston Symphony Chamber Players have released a couple of CD's in recent years that nicely feature the bassoon. The two discs, "Plain Song, Fantastic Dances: Chamber Music By American Composers" and "Profanes et Sacrées: 20th-Century French Chamber Music" (a Grammy nominee), feature an ensemble of first desk players in their prime and in my estimation make for some great listening.


Daily Scale Exercises for the Bassoonist coverDaily Scale Exercises for the Bassoonist

A few years ago I decided to write out my scale warm-ups for my students. I discovered during the process that the scales as I had been doing them for decades were less than ideal, and so set out to improve them. The result is a book of daily scale exercises that are thorough yet concise, challenging and rewarding, musical, and, for me at least, fun to play. When I sit down to warm up, the exercises in this book are a big part of what I play.

To learn more about this book, and to access a free download, CLICK HERE.

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The Music Source, Music Espresso, or Trevco-Varner Music.

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Photo of 2010 recording session by Elizabeth M. Foulser. Photo of Boston Symphony Chamber Players by Michael J. Lutch. Used with permission.