Richard Svoboda, bassoon


Welcome to!

I'm pleased that you've happened upon my new website. If you are interested in finding out more about me and what I do, this is a good place to start.

The creation of this website was actually engendered by my desire to publicize my first solo CD which was released in November, 2013. The CD, entitled "Le Phénix, 18th Century French Music for Bassoon," is a collection of utterly charming works by Boismortier, Corrette, and Devienne, and features the entire bassoon section of the Boston Symphony Orchestra in the title track. To find out more about the CD, CLICK HERE. To order a copy from cdbaby CLICK HERE.

Do feel free to explore. My site is pretty small at present so it shouldn't take you long at all to read every word if you're so inclined. If you return in the future, save yourself some time by going right to What's New to see what may have been added or updated since your last visit. Thanks for stopping in!

Photo of 2010 recording session by Elizabeth M. Foulser. Used with permission.